Toast Note - 8 June 2017

My notes have been pretty heavy lately… all sorts of hubris on the topics of leadership, purpose, and change. Just to cleanse the palette, let’s talk about the absurdity of working through colds.

So. Working while under the weather is stupid. I know it is stupid. I tell other people it is stupid. I surface articles on the stupid of working while sick #science. You make other people sick. You don’t get better yourself. Your productivity sucks. And just to compound the stupid, you do stupid sh* when you’re sick. Like seriously, dumb stuff emerges along with the snot. So don’t do it.

Right? Man I am so not good at practicing what I preach on this topic. I’m reasonably certain that I got everyone on my team sick, probably gave the principal I’m working with a cold, sure as hell took three times longer than I should have to get better. Why do we learn these great rules for resiliency and building capability and personal improvement if when push comes to shove we ignore all of our own good advice? Well, here we go. First you have to admit you have a problem.

Hello. My name is Toast. And I am a hypocrite. I have come to work streaming goo from eyes nose and mouth while coughing up green chunks seven times in the past three weeks. I promise to do better going forward.

“Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect the rest of your life.” ~ Anon (or maybe Tweetybird)