A voyage is typically a journey from one physical place to another. However, we also travel through time and undertake journeys of the heart and mind. Since launching the original site -- Toast Works -- I have been on several major voyages. Each represents a phase in our lives as a family as well as an experience we shared. 

These voyages also mark major shifts in my way of thinking, living, and interacting with the world. I can see my evolution as a writer and as a sailor. I can also see my weight ebb and flow as my children turn into women and my husband into a ridiculously handsome pirate. We all change and joy is in the journey as much or more than the destination.

voyage: an act of traveling from place to place
Once over the fear of pirates, most people think the lives of cruising sailors is a long journey of stunning vistas and beautiful sunsets. I used to challenge people to "find the Apple screensaver in this slideshow of pictures from our trip." HINT: There isn't one.