Toast Note - 21 July 2017

Ruth and I had a Big Idea moment a while ago. It was about circles of control and how the tinier they get, the more likely you’re being overwhelmed by a situation; It’s a sign your resiliency is low. Did I tell you about this already? I feel like I’ve already said this. When your perceived circle of control is so tiny you can barely turn around in it, you need to do a deep breath cleanse and just walk away from the entire situation.

But the other side is true too and might be – at least for a narcissist like me – equally challenging. I had an opportunity this week to really shine. I told my story, made a deep impression on a lot of people, and radically expanded my perceived circle of influence. People were so supportive and open and I felt really connected to them. The experience delivered a lovely, heady and wonderful feeling. My resiliency cup runneth over despite a low grade, lack of sleep, and far-too-much-good-red-wine headache.

Careful Toast! When I think my circle of influence is an ever expanding haze of sprinkles and unicorn farts, there’s a good chance I’m just high on my own propaganda. Self-confidence is great, but it doesn’t pay the rent and it sure as hell doesn’t breed long term trust unless there is consistent follow through. The real work starts now as I make good on the promises I made. On the upside, the commitments were intentional and I fully intend to work my ass off to make good. On the downside, looking at the pile of work I just made for myself, I’m having a change curve, bottom-of-the loop-moment and questioning my sanity.

It’s all good. I probably just need a nap and one of my daughters to ridicule me for the afternoon.

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” ~ Joe Namath