Belle-vue kriek

Oh no Batman! We’re up cherry creek without a paddle! Couldn’t leave Belle-gem (temporarily only, I assure you) without tasting a lambic. I hate to call this a lame-beak, it is a completely inoffensive beer I think. The wife thought it was too sweet, but I think it just needs a bit more “barnyard”, although you won’t see that listed as an ingredient at Brewer’s coop. Review went thusly:

Style 23F Fruit lambic 5.1% alc/vol       not bottle conditioned     BJCP score -  41/50

appearance: 3/3   scarlet red, brilliant clear, thick white head with B-lace. 

aroma:    10/12   fruit forward, fresh cherry, red currant aroma which yields to a mildly earthy, skunk, funky  bouquet, if there is such a thing. No hop aroma, no malt aroma, wheat or otherwise.

flavor: 18/20    Initial impression is the sweet cherry soda flavor which contrasts with the mildly sour wheat malt character. No hop flavor or distinct hop bitterness. Wild yeast character from strains like pedoiocccocus very subdued.

mouthfeel:  5/5  light bodied, but crisp and tart with mild effervescence and a dry finish

overall: 5/10  A pleasant, fruit forward, commercially oriented Belgian kriek with somewhat weak lambic character.  

As I said, given the strength of the “fresh fruit” flavor and aroma, they could have gotten away with a bit more sourness/funk. Perhaps this will come with further aging, but since the beer appears to be highly filtered, if not pasteurised, it may not change much. If I can locate another bottle, I will let it roll around in the bottom of the camper and try it again at journey’s end. 




Forgive the funhouse photo... 

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