Toast Note - 19 September

Is it just me, or does it feel like the weather gods can’t make up their minds? People in the office keep getting sick. People at home keep getting sick. People on my Facebook feed, on the ferry, walking down the street. I’m surrounded in sick people. It’s not that it’s super cold or super wet it’s just that every day is different. I figure our immune systems just can’t figure what’s what. In protest, all those anti-bodies have thrown up their collective and heretofore industrious hands and said, “We give up. You deal with it.” I think I can hear them also say bitch in wee antibody language, but I might just be bitter at their utter disregard for my comfort.

On the up side, each day I package up a thought – a burden, an obligation, a vision, a task – and hand it to someone else for safe keeping. I’m getting taller. Did you notice? My pants don’t go all the way to the floor any more as the bricks of my personal and professional life drop off to the sides for someone else to pick up. Probably the most value aspect of this process is the recognition of how many burdens I carried that actually just aren’t worth handing to anyone. When is a Thing that feels Big and Important actually sufficiently important to merit spending someone else’s time on it? And honestly, if it doesn’t merit the respect of giving it to someone, why the hell was I carrying it for so long?

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~ Havelock Ellis

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