Moments of Truth - In the Shower

You know that moment when you're standing in the shower at a public facility and you turn off the facet and it is only at that very second you realise, "I don't have a f*in towel!"?

You stand in the shower and peer your head out hoping this is all just a cruel trick. In a perfect world, the towel is actually hanging magically on a hook a few feet away. Unfortunately, in this world all you see is a pile of clothes, your phone hanging from the headset and someone's half used bottle of hand lotion. It's cold. The water drips from various portions of your anatomy at variable speeds which might be a fascinating NSFW conversation starter at any other point in your life. In this moment, the plop plop plot sound is the ringing knell of an #adulting failure.

It's not like we can just stand there forever and drip dry. For one thing, if this moment stretches into the plural, we're going to freeze to death. Someone thought it would be a good idea to pump cold, dry air conditioning air into the showers rather than pumping hot steamy air out. For another, we need to get to work or reassure our partner that we haven't dissolved and flowed down the drain or avoid the display of blubber rolls to some rando stranger happening by or whatever other horror movie plot line or social gaffe you or I insist on dwelling on.

Or you could also realise as you scan the room a second time that your bra isn't in the room either. You definitely had it in the pile of clothes when you left your desk and walked the 50 meters to this bathing facility so ... yeah somewhere on the floor between here and there is a tatty spanks with one of the nipples shredded and it's morning and your work colleages are all on their way in.

Imagine the sense of urgency.

So here's the question... at this point is it acceptable to wipe your face with a clean edge of your panties? Not the nasty bit of course but the rest of it is a lovely absorbable cotton.

I ask this as an academic question because of course this would never happen to me. I am a professional. I have my shit together.

So is it?

Karen ToastadultingComment