Baselining Her Royal Rolliness

Tim argues that we shouldn't fixate on weight but rather on additional measures of body fat and overall fitness. One proof, in my considered opinion, of his nuttiness is his fixation on $200 body fat tests. Seriously, who does that? Tim does that. Toast, however, does not. 

Rather than spend too much time talking in the third person, however, I will agree to the theory that Total Inches (or in my case centimeters) and public self-flagellation through the posting of before and after pictures is sufficient.

So my baseline weight is 68.8 kg and my baseline total inches is 495 cm. I'll have Aeron takes "before" pictures and post to this thread as soon as possible. These categorically will NOT live on the main blog until I can post a reasonable improvement. I'm willing to humiliate myself only on a section of my web site I am utterly convinced no one is reading.

Week 1 - Tim, You Are Probably a Nutter

Tim Ferriss is correct in his assertion that it is probably not a good idea to read his book The 4 Hour Body cover to cover. If you do, it is revealed that he is something of a nutter. However, his slow-carb program has something that tickles my sense of what is right and wrong, good and bad, about the typical Western diet.

Today, I have decided to test the program for four weeks. If it proves reasonable and reasonably sane to keep up and does absolutely anything for my fatitude, we'll revisit the problem.